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Fincen 107 Form: What You Should Know

For the purposes of this rule: (1) “Exchanger” means any person who has in their business the act of buying, selling, transacting, exchanging or in any way disposing or re-paying money or currency, or who offers to do so, in consideration of a financial arrangement including a money transmitter license or other money transmitter license issued under a state of the United States law; (2) It does not exclude a person who only has an office or other place to do business solely for the purpose of engaging in such a transaction. Registration of Money Service Business Fin CEN Form 107, Registration of Money Services Business. The applicant must provide the following information: a. Name; b. Address; c. Telephone number; d. E-mail address and a designation for what form of electronic transmission to use to send the information; e. An identification of the money services business; f. Identification of the person or entity authorized by such owner or owner's authorized person to act on behalf of the applicant in the state and country of the applicant's actual residence in connection with any registration required by this part; g. The names, addresses, and telephone numbers of two persons responsible for the maintenance of an up-to-date registration list of money services business; h. A certification that the information provided is correct. e. A statement that the applicant is the owner or person who has the authority to act as owner for the business for which registration is sought, and that the applicant meets all the requirements required by this part. Form 107 is not a substitute for an actual registration by the state of the United States of the applicant's name, address, and date of birth; an actual registration should be filed. The application should be accompanied by a completed application and any additional information required in this Fin CEN document. For information on how the applicant may be found in Fin CEN's BSA E-Filing System, CLICK NOW ().  The Fin CEN Form requires that the applicant provide the following basic information: a. A complete and accurate name; b. Name on federal financial institution registration and report of foreign banking operations as required by 31 U.S.C. 5318(g)(6); c. Date of birth; d.

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Instructions and Help about Form Fincen 107

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