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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Bsa efiling

Instructions and Help about Bsa efiling

It was a warm Saturday in May Western District was having its camporee from true 28s campsite came the sounds of vigorous physical activity of the joyous shouts of men and boys working and playing together come on you guys inspectors will be here any minute Henderson tighten up those ropes coach you wash this ponch yes sir well wash it again we're not having a fire sale this morning where's the water for the macaroni Schultz don't you think those inspectors might wonder how come it's noon and nobody's cooking relax buddy it'll come out all right what oh hi Ben come on over to my place to relax admit it relax are you kidding we're gonna be inspected any minute thanks but I can't come now the troop looks fine huh really come on over you don't have to be here every minute come on oh okay gee your troop looks great Ben what time do the inspectors hit you oh they haven't been here yet what and you're just taking it easy I guess that's the difference between you and me Ron what's that well you act as if that's you about to get inspected over there instead of a scout troop oh gosh it is me in a way I want my boys to win and I certainly want to do everything I can to help them don't you think I want my boys to win too well sure you do but you don't see me out there whipping him into shape do you buddy well you don't have to bet your boys are trained my cute kids are just as well-trained as mine are rod maybe better you just don't trust them that's all what think about it a minute look at the way you have them set up can't do you always set up that way sure we do works fine but how can your patrols work if they don't camp by themselves don't they automatically look to you for leadership oh come on Ben and I'll bet you plan the menus for this weekend right well sure would you get the Scout masters handbook mostly right and you're the only guy in the troop who can read I just now I saw you chewing out a boy about a dirty pot does mad boy have a patrol leader well sure and that pots a perfect example of his leadership is that it or is that you don't really expect him to lead or want them to what come on rod I want to show you something well you're not making much sense but you make a good cup see that patrol over there Holy Smoke then there's the inspectors sure aren't you going over why they can find me if they walk me the point I'm trying to make is that I haven't spoken to anybody in that patrol since last night except to say good morning they're doing this inspection on.

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