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- Welcome to my talk on analyzing the FinCEN files with Neo4j. My name is Michael Hunger, I'm leading the developer relations team at Neo4j, for many years. So this is a topic that I'm actually quite excited about, because this is both recent, it's really important, it's an investigative use case, and it brings together graph analytics and graph databases with investigative reporting which is really cool. In September, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, launched a new investigation called the FinCEN files and this is based on a data leak they obtained from the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network in the U.S. agency of the treasury, where international banks have to report suspicious activities from money transfers to this agency. And the journalists did a really interesting job there, and we want to dive into this today. Neo4j itself has a long history of collaborating with the ICIJ. It already started early in 2022. lifted looks in Bollix and the Swiss leaks. And the ICIJ has been using Neo4j for many years for the connection aspects of their investigations, kind of connecting the dots like in an detective investigation basically, if you have all the pieces of the puzzle but you don't see the connections that doesn't help you but as soon as you see how things and people and events are connected then you can find out much more. So for the SARs reports, suspicious activity reports, those are mostly reported by banks by compliance officers of banks, when they see something like insider trading, money laundering transactions, transactions connected to well-known on criminal figures, or kind of suspicious receivers or senders, money volume sometimes, and shell company related dealings and so on. And so they have to report this to the FinCEN, and to the U.S. Treasury within a certain day range, but often they actually don't do this. And interestingly, looking at the data or reading what ICJ said about it, in the end of the report, is that this reports are often very insufficient basically, to make decisions. And the, ICIJ investigations did go really deep. And of course they only use data leaks as starting points for the investigation, so they basically do what every good journalist does. They take this kind of suspicion and take this data and turn it into a local investigation that kind of spent many journalists and then results is always being reported. And what's interesting in the data that we can also see is that many global banks are actually involved in moving illicit money, which is quite impressive and scary in some form. So I think in some ways it's both kind of unknowingly, so the banks are kind of overwhelmed by the volume and complexity, and also the kind of set up that criminals put up to move money around from multi-staging to splitting money flows, to using lots of intermediaries and so on. So this just kind of means that the anti-money laundering capacities of the banks is not sufficient as such that they have. What's actually concerning is that even if banks knew a recipients of the money they continue to move the ...


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