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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Suspicious activity report form 2022

Instructions and Help about Suspicious activity report form 2022

Welcome to this training video we will show you how to submit a suspicious and unusual transaction report also known as a STR on the fic registration and reporting platform we will also explain how to report a suspicious and unusual activity report also known as a SAR to access the platform visit www.gfi.com/webmonitor and password details that you created during registration let's look at a typical scenario that we will use in this reporting exercise saver accountable or reporting institution AI for RI is institution y and mr. B is their client it is also assumed that you the viewer of this video are the compliance or reporting officer of institution Y and are responsible for reporting to the fic for example mr. B makes a purchase from institution-wide to the value of 1.3 million rand via eft however institution-wide finds this transaction suspicious as mr. B has a low-income salary and this transaction does not fit his lifestyle this will be reported as a STR there is a second report that is equally important to keep in mind called the SAR you will submit a SAR where a transaction was attempted but has not been concluded let's say Miss C is not a client of institution Y and wants to make a purchase of 120 thousand Rand but after being asked for her identity or passport number she refuses to prit and works out no transaction was concluded but her behavior is suspicious and unusual this will then be reported as a SAR back to our STR example to report a STR go to the drop down menu new reports and select wave reports select which type of report you would like to submit in this case select STR there are a number of fields that are automatically filled in with the details obtained from your initial registration like the reporting person and location all the fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory fields and must be completed the unmarked fields are also important to complete to the best of your knowledge the information obtained from STR and si are made or can be used in the fight against crime in the reporting entity branch field you will fill in your entity's branch details where the transaction took place in the reporting entity reference field you will need to supply your unique internal reference number linked to this report when the fic requires more information on this report it will refer to this internal reference number this is therefore very important the fic reference number will be referred to in cases where a submitted report has failed and needs to be corrected the reason for reporting and action fields are both compulsory fields in reason for reporting you will state why the transaction is deemed unusual or suspicious it is very important to capture the background information and reason for suspicion in detail in this example we will say that mr. B is a low income.


Should I apologize if the suspicious activity I reported turned out to be nothing?
I'll second Cary McDonald -- I'd rather check something out and discover it's not a problem than come back later and take a report on a crime.  If you think something is unusual or has the potential to be a problem, please call.  No apologies are needed, no matter what the outcome.I was talking to a deputy recently about a string of burglaries in several small towns in the area.  The deputy told me about one business being burgled overnight, which the owners discovered when they came to work the next morning.  While the deputy was taking the report, a neighbor came by to ask what was going on?  When he heard the news about the burglary, he said something like, "Huh.  I heard a motor idling for a bit last night.  I thought it was strange but never looked out the window to see who was over here."Thank you, Citizen, for ignoring something unusual enough to say "Hmmmm..." about!If you'd like some realistic advice on how to filter stuff like that, read The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker.  It's a great book and discusses the "red flags" that our subconscious picks up on even when we're not conciously paying attention to our surroundings.
How do we report suspicious activity to Homeland Security?
I would suggest you report suspicious activity to your local police department initially. They are in a better position to respond to situations evolving quickly. They can communicate with Homeland Security directly if needed. Many local police departments participate in resource and intelligence sharing with Homeland Security. Local officers are sometimes temporarily (several years) assigned to DHS (and other federal law enforcement agencies) and work as agents for the length of their terms. You can contact your regional DHS office if you feel that is your best option.dhs.gov
How do police address racial bias in 'call outs' (neighbors being more likely to call the police to report 'suspicious' activity of a minority in a segregated neighborhood)?
When I worked as a 9-1-1 operator there was a line of questioning developed to determine the priority of the call. These calls usually originated in a certain part of the city and the person calling usually reported a Black or Latino person acting "suspiciously."  Well 9-1-1 operators wanted to catch the bad guys, too. So we would try to determine what the "suspicious" behavior was. Was the person looking into car windows? House windows? Were they walking down the street?  They would report a Black or Latino male who was walking down the street or sitting in his car eating lunch. We erred on the safe side and would put out an information only call. Officers are aware of crime trends in the area and if an area has been experiencing a higher number of vehicle or house burglaries, then the information broadcast might be useful to the car that is patrolling that area.  One night a woman called from the West side of the city,  frantic because she heard a noise on the side of her house. There was a car nearby and we sent on a possible prowler at the location, no suspect description. We told her the police were on the way and to call back if she had a description.  She called back. "I have a description!" "Yes Ma'am, is the suspect Black, White, Latino or Asian?"  "They're two of them, and... and they are Black!"  "What color shirt and pants are they wearing?"  "They're both wearing dark clothing! Where are the police! Oh my God!!! They are on the side of my house looking around!  Get the police out here now! Hello? Hello?" "Unit at ____ the P/R is on the line. She describes the suspects as two male Blacks wearing dark clothing on the side of the house right now." "Control, that's us. The P/R is describing us. We're two Black officers. We're wearing dark clothing, our uniform. Tell the P/R to open the door and come out and talk to us. The noise she's reporting is a tree branch." The operators had it easy, it's a tougher call for an officer. Err on the side of safety and treat people respectfully and hope that situation turns out okay for everyone. My motto, everyone gets to go home.
How do I fill out the IIFT 2022 application form?
Hi!IIFT MBA (IB) Application Form 2022 • The last date to submit the Application Form of IIFT 2022 has been extended. As per the initial notice, the last date to submit the application form was September 08, 2022. However, now the candidates may submit it untill September 15, 2022. The exam date for IIFT 2022 has also been shifted to December 03, 2022. The candidates will only be issued the admit card, if they will submit IIFT application form and fee in the prescribed format. Before filling the IIFT application form, the candidates must check the eligibility criteria because ineligible candidates will not be granted admission. The application fee for candidates is Rs. 1550, however, the candidates belonging to SC/STPWD category only need to pay Rs. 775. Check procedure to submit IIFT Application Form 2022. fee details and more information from the article below.Latest • Last date to submit IIFT application form extended until September 15, 2017.IIFT 2022 Application FormThe application form of IIFT MBA 2022 has only be released online, on http://tedu.iift.ac.in. The candidates must submit it before the laps of the deadline, which can be checked from the table below.Application form released onJuly 25, 2017Last date to submit Application form(for national candidates)September 08, 2022 September 15, 2017Last date to submit the application form(by Foreign National and NRI)February 15, 2018IIFT MBA IB entrance exam will be held onNovember 26, 2022 December 03, 2017IIFT 2022 Application FeeThe candidates should take note of the application fee before submitting the application form. The fee amount is as given below and along with it, the medium to submit the fee are also mentioned.Fee amount for IIFT 2022 Application Form is as given below:General/OBC candidatesRs 1550SC/ST/PH candidatesRs 775Foreign National/NRI/Children of NRI candidatesUS$ 80 (INR Rs. 4500)The medium to submit the application fee of IIFT 2022 is as below:Credit CardsDebit Cards (VISA/Master)Demand Draft (DD)Candidates who will submit the application fee via Demand Draft will be required to submit a DD, in favour of Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, payable at New Delhi.Procedure to Submit IIFT MBA Application Form 2018Thank you & Have a nice day! :)
How do I fill out the CAT 2022 application form?
The procedure for filling up the CAT Application form is very simple. I’ll try to explain it to you in simple words.I have provided a link below for CAT registration.See, first you have to register, then fill in details in the application form, upload images, pay the registration fee and finally submit the form.Now, to register online, you have to enter details such as your name, date of birth, email id, mobile number and choose your country. You must and must enter your own personal email id and mobile number, as you will receive latest updates on CAT exam through email and SMS only.Submit the registration details, after which an OTP will be sent to the registered email id and mobile number.Once the registration part is over, you will get the Login credentials.Next, you need to fill in your personal details, academic details, work experience details, etc.Upload scanned images of your photograph, and signature as per the specifications.Pay the registration fee, which is Rs. 950 for SC/ST/PWD category candidates and Rs. 1900 for all other categories by online mode (Credit Card/ Debit Card/ Net Banking).Final step - Submit the form and do not forget to take the print out of the application form. if not print out then atleast save it somewhere.CAT 2022 Registration (Started): Date, Fees, CAT 2022 Online Application iimcat.ac.in
If you call 911 to report suspicious activity and it turns out to be false, can you get in trouble?
There’s a huge difference (factually and legally) between the following two scenarios:911 caller reports genuine concerns, in good faith. Police investigate and find that there is no issue (e.g. the caller was mistaken as to what was happening).911 caller makes false report for malicious reasons.One scenario involves a responsible member of the community acting in good faith to help protect their community. The other is liable for criminal prosecution.As others have pointed out, many communities have multiple numbers for the police, and one should always consider which is the best number to call in any given circumstance. In my city there are three general numbers for the police:911: life-threatening emergencies and crimes in progress, for immediate dispatch (connects to police, fire and paramedics)police emergency line: matters requiring urgent dispatch of the police, but not “immediate” response.police call centre: to make police reports and the like (will be assigned within 24 hours for follow-up by the appropriate police resource).
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